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Exclusive: Dominik Vodička as a dance teacher in Mowing World!


MW: How was it to be part of a StarDance show?
DV: It was a fantastic new experience for me. I have never been part of a live broadcast and have never been a choreographer before so that I could try it all at once.

MW: How did StarDance change your life?
DV: I met a lot of amazing people and especially Verunka, who I really appreciate, and I am delighted to meet her.

MW: Where you want to see your dance career go now?
DV: I don't want to set goals because I know how many unbelievable things can happen within six months.

MW: Did your dance teaching methods change after having experienced intensive half-year training with Veronika Khek Kubarova?
DV: I don't think so much, I've been working with amateurs for eight years, and I've found my teaching method over that time.

MW: Are you looking forward to being part of a Moving World?
DV: I am truly looking forward to it, it has beautiful spaces and lovely team.

MW: Which classes will you teach in here?
DV: I am going to be in charge of Lady Latino course, which is designed for women who have no partner. Even without him, they can enjoy a beautiful dance experience. Also, together with Evicka Krejcirova, we will be in charge of Latin and Standard courses for couples.

MW: What participants in your course can look forward to?
DV: To visualise music and a lot of fun. In short, everything beautiful that involves dance!

MW: Who can join your classes?
DV: Anyone can come. I love to see everyone, and I like to dance with everyone.

MW: What feelings might your courses evoke in participants?
DV: Smile and a warm feeling in the heart. I hope it will come true during our first class. I look forward to meeting you!