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Moving World – an oasis of dance and relax in the heart of Prague

Come and discover the dance’s manifoldness and a joy of movement to the new dance and movement studio Moving World, which is placed in the heart of Prague.

Moving World

In November, Jungmannova Street opened a lovely cafe Moving World, where you can enjoy a cup of excellent coffee or tea, homemade lemonade, Kofola, Austrian wines from the winery Neustifter, desserts, salads and other snacks of its own production.

On Monday, February 3, 2020, a new dance and movement studio will be officially opened, including the café mentioned above. In three air-conditioned halls, Moving World will offer a variety of dance styles such as Contemporary Dance, Salsa, Ballroom Dance, Fit Ballet, Flamenco, Street Dance, Tango Argentino, Latin American dances for couples and women, Latin Dances for children, House Dance, Jazz Dance, Twerk, Dance for pregnant women, Ballet for children. If you want to experience how celebrities feel at StarDance, try our the Pro-Am courses, which can provide you with this experience. For the youngest children, the fun children's dance fun park is present.

In addition to dance courses led by renowned and experienced instructors and teachers, many of whom are on the musical scene or lead celebrities in the StarDance competition, you can also try other forms of movement and attend Pilates, Ashtanga Yoga, FitFab Yoga or Power Yoga. For children, there are Little Bubbles yoga classes conducted in English. You can also try the trendy Total Barre classes, a dynamic form of ballet movement. It combines elements of Pilates, Ballet and endurance exercise.

Moving World premises

The whole complex is completely modernised and offers visitors a clean and pleasant, almost home environment. The dance halls are directly connected to the café. This is great for a private dance party, any corporate presentation or youth dance and themed dance brunch. Mums will undoubtedly appreciate the children's play space located in the courtyard, where children can watch mothers who are just exercising or dancing. Special lessons focusing on dancing parents and children will be another novelty, as well as a children's fairy tale afternoon, where children from 3 years dance simple variations of well-known and popular fairytale songs.

Gift Vouchers

In case the diverse offer our studio provides is attractive four you and you want to enjoy the movement not only yourself but also together with your friends and loved ones, you can also buy any class or course for them. A gift voucher for all classes of any value can be obtained at the studio reception.