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Membership and MoneyBox


For recurring participation (the first one-off lesson does not count) at Moving World events, your previous registration - membership is required. It can be done either online at or personally during your first visit to the studio reception. You will receive your own membership card, which will be credited (after payment) with the purchased class, course, pass, credit or bonus (more in the Cashback section). With this card, you will always check-in at the reception before each visit and the card also serves to open the electronically controlled door to the changing room. It is, therefore, necessary to always carry the card with you. The membership card is bound to your registration in the studio database including your photograph and is consequently non-transferable (applies only to the registered person). In case of loss or theft of the card, we will issue a duplicate for a fee of CZK 150 and cancel the original card.

MoneyBox (kasička)

Moneybox is a virtual account that every client receives free of charge by registering to the Moving World Club at