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Children's dance camp in the middle of Prague

Moving Camp

  • No vacation this year?
  • Are you supposed to go to work and no one can look after your children?
  • This program is meant for you!

This season, we have prepared movement, creative, educational and fun weeks for children aged 5 to 12, packed with exciting activities called MOVING CAMP (from now on referred to as Camp).

These are weekly courses in the form of a Camp.

Each course always lasts from Monday to Friday, depending on the date you choose. The course takes place in our newly opened, unique dance studio MOVING WORLD in the very centre of Prague, at Jungmannova 26/15, Prague 1, ID number: 639 32 181, VAT number: CZ 7362260433 (Camp organizer).

Our amazing teachers are looking forward to meeting your children. These tutors will take care of your children all week long. The arrival of children is every day between 8:00 and 9:00. We recommend that your children will be after breakfast at the handover time. We will take over the little dancers and help them with changing into sportswear. Then we store their things in the lockers. This is followed by a daily agenda in the form of dance and movement lessons, creative workshops, prize competitions and afternoon relaxation.

Lunch, morning and afternoon snacks, including an all-day drinking regime, will be provided as well.

The end is between 16:00 - 17:00 when you take over your children. They will rest at home while looking forward to the next day's experience in Moving World.
The last day of the Camp, i.e. Friday, consists of a short final program. During the program, the children will show to their parents what they have learned during the Camp week. As a reward for completing the Camp, children will receive a certificate in the form of a diploma.

Café, which is part of the Studio, will be available for parents and accompany of the children. In the morning, when you bring your child, you can have an excellent coffee or the whole breakfast menu there. We also offer a take-away option, and therefore you can take snacks with you on the road or work. The café will also be open in the afternoon when children are picked up.

CZK 3,950 for 1 child and 1 week

Price and discounts (relevant also for other events of our Studio)

  • 10% for any children's course in the new semester from September to January (the discount applies to absolutely every child who participates in the summer camp, and his course will be paid no later than August 20, 2020)
  • 10% of the camp price in case of another sibling is registered as well
  • 10% of the camp price if you register your child for more than 1 week


Applications and payment:

The application can be filled out conveniently, easily and very quickly on our website After sending the application, you will receive a confirmation of registration to the given email. The application becomes valid immediately after its payment. Payment must be made no later than 48 hours after sending the application. After 48 hours, the application will expire due to non-payment of the Camp price.

  • Account number: 115-2688250217 / 0100
  • Variable symbol: date of birth of your child (form DDMMYYYY)
  • Text for the recipient: name of the child

Cancellation policy:

In case you would like to withdraw your application for any reason (illness, inappropriate date, etc.), the conditions for the refund of the amount paid by you are as follows:

  • more than 14 days before the start of the Camp, we will refund you 85% of the amount paid
  • 13-8 days before the start of the Camp we will refund 60% of the amount paid
  • 7-4 days before the start of the Camp we will refund 30% of the amount paid
  • 3 or fewer days before the start of the Camp, the cancellation fee is 100% of the amount paid

General information:

To participate in Moving Camp, your child must be free of any infections or medical problems.

On the first day (Monday) before handing over the child to the organizer's staff, it is necessary to submit a certificate that the child is "infection-free". This certificate should also be signed by the responsible person who takes over the child. Please adhere to the prescribed times for taking over and picking up the child.

Please state in the application if your child suffers from an allergy, is a vegetarian or has a gluten-free diet or other restrictions.

During the stay, it is necessary to follow the MOVING WORLD Rules & Regulations, which can be found on the Studio's website.

The camp management reserves the right to exclude from participation in the Camp children who:

  • despite from being warned repeatedly violate the rules set out in the MOVING WORLD Rules & Regulations or the instructions of the Studio's staff and lecturers to such an extent, that the Camp cannot be running properly or disturbs other participants of the Camp
  • will show signs of infectious disease

No cancellation refund shall apply to such cancelled participation. However, it is possible to replace the child with a substitute Camp participant. In the case of the child's illness during the Camp, it is necessary to come and pick him up in person as soon as possible.

Parents acknowledge that due to the unpredictable development of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus COVID-19, the Camp organizer is entitled to adjust the conditions of participation and operation of the Camp according to relevant legislative measures or regulations of public authorities, including the number of Camp participants and the number of lecturers.

In case that it will not be possible to allow the participation of all entrants for the above reasons, the number of participants will be limited, taking into account the date of payment of the Camp price. Other registrations will be informed of this fact immediately at the given email address and will be refunded the full price of the Camp.

Moving Camp Application

Moving Camp Application

Parent (legal representative):

Child (Camp participant):

by binding register my child to participate in the children's dance camp (Camp) in Moving World dance studio, run by Ing. Kateřina Hajičová, with a place of business Hvozdnická 1049/6, 100 00, Praha 10 - Strašnice, Company ID: 639 32 181, Tax ID: CZ7362260433 (from now on Studio) in the period

A more detailed description of the Camp, including its operation rules, is given on the Studio website in the Moving Camp section. At the same time, I declare that I have read the rules stated in the MOWING WORLD Rules & Regulations, which are listed on the Studio website, and I acknowledge that compliance with all the above-stated rules and instructions of Studio's staff or teachers is a necessary condition for my child's participation in the Camp.