Souvenirs and Gift Vouchers | Moving World

Souvenirs and Gift Vouchers

Studio Moving World has prepared for you several Souvenirs and Gift items.
All offered items can be purchased only at the studio reception.

Gift items can be paid in cash, by bank transfer or by credit card.

Item Price
Ballpoint pen 50,00 Kč
Badge 50,00 Kč
Keyring 100,00 Kč
Mug 250,00 Kč
Cap 280,00 Kč
Bag with pocket 150,00 Kč
Backpack 150,00 Kč
White towel 260,00 Kč
Black towel 260,00 Kč
Men t-shirt M/L/XL 250,00 Kč
Ladies t-shirt S/M/L 250,00 Kč
Children t-shirt 4-6/7-8/9-11 220,00 Kč
Sweatshirt M/L/XL 590,00 Kč
Plastic bag 10,00 Kč

Moving World studio also offers GIFT VOUCHERS, which can be used for all studio events, in values - 300Kč / 500Kč / 1000Kč / 3000Kč, nicely packed and with possible personalised wish. Gift vouchers can be paid in cash, by bank transfer or by credit card. The entire value of the gift voucher will be deposited in the MoneyBox (kasička), from which you will either pay for the selected class, course or workshop or you will remain in the Moneybox as a CZK credit for the payment of your spending in the café. The gift voucher is portable, and it cannot be refunded or drawn in cash. It is necessary to sign up for study events in advance. The voucher can be redeemed only once and in its full amount and for the period of validity of the voucher. To obtain the value of the voucher, it is necessary to hand it over to the used service at the studio reception.