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Bachata is a Latin American couple dance originally from the Dominican Republic. The most popular style of Bachata is Spanish Bachata Sensual. It is characterised by beautiful slow movements (waves, isolations) and intimate connection of two dancers. Other than Bachata Sensual, there is also Bachata Moderna (a combination of salsa and tricks) and Bachata Fusion (using Hip-hop elements). When performing particular figures correctly, practising Bachata can help you to shape your figure beautifully. In terms of Bachata Sensual lesson, natural dynamic stretching is present, whereas faster songs can convert Bachata to a pleasant cardio workout.

Moreover, Prague offers you to enjoy Bachat's dance party almost every day. Artists as Ataca and Alemana, Daniel and Desiree, Marcelo and Belen and many others have popularised Bachata dance. To experience the atmosphere of this beautiful dance and also to get inspired, we recommend you to listen to the music of different artists and watching Youtube see the best dancers of Bachata.