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Latin Fit

Teachers & Instructors:

This combination of Latin American dances and strengthening can be simply called dance exercise, which is based on dynamics, attractiveness and energy. Regular changing of Latin American dance elements with fitness exercises helps to shape problem areas like buttocks, thighs, core and belly. Strengthening is most often a combination of working with your own weight and various equipment (core-roller, bosu, rubber bands or light dumbbells). The lesson consists of dancing and body shaping part, as well as the final stretching is included.

First of all, from Latin American dances (Samba, Chacha, Jive), you will learn easy-to-remember choreography made of basic steps which will be gradually expanded with no need for concentration on steps anymore. During the 60-minute lesson, you will forget about the world, throw your worries behind and enjoy dancing, toil, joy and sweat: strengthening and dancing - ideal for body shaping and calorie burning. What to wear: Comfortable clothes, such as when you go to work out - leggings, tank top, do not forget sports shoes and a towel.