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Tango argentino

Teachers & Instructors:

The interplay of freedom and intimacy, independence and closeness, guidance and following, receiving and giving. That’s Tango Argentino, a dance of two people. This style is exceptional because of its typical embrace and intimacy, thus justifying interdependence on the harmonious movement of space. Communication and reciprocity are the cornerstones of the Tango Argentino.

Lecturers always teach at least bilingual Czech-English and speak fluent Spanish and Italian. They show a holistic approach to the Tango Argentino: connection and communication, improvisation, history and social rules.

It develops a methodical system of teaching to get the most out of paired movement and communication. From traditional basics through the most fundamental concepts of modern Tango Argentino, you can develop your dance according to your personal talent, taste, vision and practice.