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Teachers & Instructors:

Brand Twerk by Anet has become popular and on-demand all over the world, mainly because of its originality, which combines the African roots of twin and booty shaku with wild femininity in energetic choreographies incorporating elements of many dance styles that are a real Anet experience.

Popular twerkshops not only develop overall fitness, including toning the thigh, buttocks, back and abdominal muscles but above all bring a sense of self-realisation and incredible fun in the form of a dance party.

“In TWERK lessons, I combine Twerk techniques with various dance elements - controlling and mastering my body, flexibility, ability to improvise, etc. At lessons, I teach not only twerk basics and booty shaku, but also dance choreographies that correspond to the dance level of the lesson. In choreographies, I connect Twerk with other dance styles that are typical of me and my dancing. ”

Note: The lesson is suitable for both beginners and advanced dancers. The difficulty of a lesson is always adjusted according to individual needs. The same, personalised approach prevails in acrobatic exercises.

To bring: sports knee pads (not the bike one), drink, towel.