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Are you of the opinion that sports and weight loss or body shaping is just hard work and boredom? Wrong! Come and ascertain that Zumba is the complete opposite. Zumba incorporates elements of aerobics and various Latin American dances into sensual, fast and slow, energetic Spanish and modern music. It is not a normal dance class, where the choreography is taught first and then the music is played. At Zumba class, you will dance from the first moment you enter the room. However, don't worry, we have several step variants where everyone can find their level. Zumba is the perfect cardio when you exercise and shape your figure without even being aware of that. You will be carried away by sensual salsa, Colombian cumbia, rough reggaeton, relaxed merengue or, for example, sexy bachata, and you will have one big, wide smile on your face for 60 minutes! Come dance, sweat, but most of all enjoy because Zumba is one big PARTY!