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Andy Pavelcová


Andy is the author of the Czech online fitness program FITFAB Strong, which aims to get the Czechs up from the couch and make them love movement. Andy's lessons are popular for their energetic vibe and eternal smile.
Andy was dancing and doing sports since her preschool-age - starting with ballet and modern dance under the conservatory professors' supervision, continuing with yoga and dance-movement lessons at a university in Prague, to receiving a Dance Teacher certificate.
For six years she worked in the Ilusias group of artists focused on black theatre and fire shows, played in the legendary show U Fleků and proceeded to the semi-final of the competition Czechoslovakia's Talent with UV show Blue Illusion.
Andy is currently in charge of the project called FITFAB Strong and is trying to spread sports and a healthy lifestyle to a broader audience via hers Instagram @andy.fitfab
The lessons with Andy in Moving World are possible to experience only in the early morning, as she is devoted to her lawyer career during the day.