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Dance Sandeep

Dance Sandeep is a native of Hyderabad, India and he is a professional dancer and choreographer currently based in Prague. He specializes in Bollywood, South Indian Street Dance, and Urban Dance. He is also trained in other dance styles such as Hip Hop, House, MTV, and Vogue. Through an audition, he recently became a member of Chilies, which is one of the competition teams of Yemi A.D.‘s company Dance Academy Prague (DAP). He continues to further his dance education by actively attending dance workshops conducted around the world.

With more than 10 years of experience in the dance field, Sandeep has been featured in numerous stage performances across Prague and has made a few appearances in ads, music videos, and films. As a dance instructor, he has been teaching BollyUrban, BollyFitness, and South Indian Street Dance in several studios with the aim of bringing Indian dance and culture to the beautiful people of the Czech Republic. His lessons are especially popular for their energetic and vibrant atmosphere.

Sandeep‘s highly versatile dancing skills and stimulating teaching techniques has made him one of the most sought-after Bollywood dancers in Prague. He is devoted to designing exotic dance routines that can entertain and inspire people globally. His choreographic products distinctly reflect his unique and authentic body language that is influenced by a diversity of dance styles. All of Sandeep‘s masterpieces can be found on his YouTube channel: Dancing Tigers, Facebook Page: Dance Sandeep, and Instagram page: dancesandeep.