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Klára Tonková


Klára is an energetic, always smiling teacher, who is very good with motivating and encouraging her trainees. The most important thing for her is to ensure that you truly enjoy her classes! She has been dancing all her life, devoting herself to modern dance, ballet, gymnastics, belly dancing and hip hop, with which she won the 2nd place at European Championship in Croatia. However, after experiencing a career-ending injury, she decided to start teaching dance. Thanks to her passion for Latin American music, 6 years ago she found and devoted herself to Zumba. During her time in the UK, she had the chance to learn from the best in the Zumba world, to earn two Zumba certificates (basic B1 and the highest lecturer Pro-Skills) and teach classes several times a week. Today, she dances constantly and can no longer imagine her life without Zumba, so come and dance with her as well!

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Instagram: @klarazumba