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Lenka Glässnerová


Lenka graduated from the State Dance Conservatory in Prague. Since 2002, after being part of the Laterna Magica and the State Song and Dance Ensemble, she has been devoted only to flamenco. She first encountered flamenco in 1991 at a concert led by prof. Taťána Krištůfková. Since then, she keeps updating her flamenco skills both in Prague and Spain under the guidance of teachers such as Rafaela Carrasco, Angel Munoz, David Perez, Vicky Barea, Natalia Meirino, Manuel Betanzos, Araceli de Alcala, Juan Polvillo and others.
Since 2002, she organises regular flamenco courses in Prague. Lenka is part of the group Pena Flamenca, Grupo de Pena and also Compania Danza Flamenca de Virginia Delgado in the project MUJERES, which premiered in 2014.
In her lessons, she emphasises the technique of the foot-stomping, movement of arms, overall body coordination and individual approach.