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Michal Máša

He started dancing actively at the age of 13. When Street Dance and Hip Hop dance came to the Czech Republic, he started looking for courses related to these styles. Quickly he became a member of dance groups as The F.A.C.T., VIVAjump, A-Force and Elements Community. With the Elements Community dance group, he managed to become the Absolute Winner of the Dance Group of the Year tour. Furthermore, he completed an internship in New York. Michal is a sought-after dancer performing at shows, parades, concerts, music videos or musicals. One of his greatest achievements was, for example, Lucifer's solo dance role in the Mephisto Musical. Among others, he designs choreographies for singer Olga Lounová, in connection with the Paraple endowment fund he created choreography for StarDance, as well as was the face of the Adidas Originals brand for EAST/WEST. As a choreographer, he also participated in Ivana Korolová's clip. He is one of the founders and teachers in The Mes (s) by dance perfect dance group.

His main specialization is the creation of competitive choreographies, both large and small formations. Competitions as Dance Group of the Year, Czech Dance Tour or Hip Hop UNITE rate his choreographies as being one of best ones.

He has been actively involved in teaching for 15 years and has taught in leading Prague studios, both courses for children and adults. His lessons are dynamic and energetic. He enjoys working with music and focuses mainly on current trends.

Class schedule:

Hip hop teens
Level: MP,P
Date: 10.09.2020 - 28.01.2021
Frequency: 19 classes, every Thursday, 60 min
Teacher: Michal Máša